"Siri"ously Speaking !!

 As I enter my information on this site so will I enter the many things Siri has misinterpreted!  It will seriously make you laugh.......

Ok Here is my first Siri Note: (Mega Tomorrow should say Mojo with Maggie), it goes along with my Mojo 1st Video 6/8/16 cruise ship story

This is Siriously Siri:

Mega tomorrow tell them about the story from the cruise ship and calling Cindy also before you do that tell speak out to your church friends not to call you in for the church dial she was alone call the demons because there's a word in your story that you're about to Talbot is not a bad word not not what they think it is and it Avenue eat your just telling your story and also make sure you say please forgive me for making fine or whatever you want to say in that sense to before you go into your story and make alarm.

Really, that is messed up but fun!

Add to fund long to talk about how you had your skirt up into your nylons during add student orientation any walk bathroom getting granny panties on and one student came out look at horribly so I do wanting to tell you what was going on and tell you to do is giggle and out today Aventina granny panties now they're going to see them for kids are ruined

This is Siriously Siri:

I think you can get the jest here!  Lol....I dun mooned them all and I keep on keeping on!