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Seven Wonders not of the magical kind but of my week.  Some wonder how I do it.  It’s not easy and it surely feels like it will last forever but this too shall pass. It may pass like a kidney stone but it will pass.

Each day we have to refocus our thoughts around where we want to be in life not where we are. If you focus on the problem, you will only see that problem. Focus on the solution or a positive thought. You do not have to like your present circumstances but if you accept them as they are and focus on where you want to be you will find peace among the chaos. Just breathe it is going to be Okay.

Now onto my weekly adventures which of course included Valentines Day. Let's start with that because Love does make the world go around.

My grand daughter told me she was asked to be a valentine.  Second grade love now that’s an adventure of innocent untainted love of pure heart.  

She said “ Granny, how did you and Paw find love”.  My heart melted, a chance to share the beginning of our family tree.  I said "well, Paw knew my brother.  He came to my 18th birthday party and asked me on a date".  She said "so you found love". I said "yes and Paw asked me to marry him in the mountains".  Well I can only imagine what was going on in her mind with that statement.  I said 'he took me to the mountains and proposed'.  She said "what’s a mountain"?  A child's mind like a squirrel off to the next thought as quick as a second. I see an adventure awaiting this spring, a road trip to the mountains.  This is definitely to be continued my friends to a later date!

My daughter was shopping for the pink heart shaped marshmallows her daughter signed up for the daycare party. She called me and said "Mom, the store parking lot is full, what the world is going on"? I reminded her it was valentines day. That being said a few minutes later I get another call "Mom, why did she pick pink heart shaped marshmallows? I have searched high and low and they do not have them. All I see is Peeps for Easter". I said "Well, it is a marshmallow and it is pink. Do you really think the children will complain"? That brought her back to reality, this was small stuff or fluff if you want to call it that. We stress on the tiniest of details that overall could have been avoided with a little flexibility! That call started out sounding like the end of the world from her standpoint but ended up being a big laugh.

Now onto the not so loved but with a change of heart, these misadventures made myself and others laugh. I had to visit the doctor from my fall. On my way out to the door (this is a new office so I have never exited this door before) I stop to see huge handles on both sides of the door. No push or pull displayed. Now, I have a long history with doors. That is, either pulling off knobs by accident to choosing the wrong one and slamming nose dive into it. I had a 50/50 chance at choosing the correct door to go out and which way to push or pull to open. As history would have it, this time would be no different. Not only did I choose the wrong door (the one that does not open) I pulled the door that should be pushed when I did have the correct door! What did I do at that moment with a waiting area full of patients and staff behind the desk directly behind me? I giggled of course then I turned to say "you didn’t expect that did you".  Then I walked with a smile and the limp I came in with out the door. Yes, I got a few chuckles whether they were laughing at or with me did not matter. I laugh at myself and if it makes others smile, that’s the good stuff! Don't fret over the little stuff, laugh at it and move on. Find ways to laugh, I am a big kid at heart and that helps me. If that is not you, let the small stuff roll away by not focusing on it but moving to something that will bring cheer to your day. In my book (Life's a Beach), I talk about this with various forms of meditation that I have created along the way. They truly have and continue to help me when I have one of those days that truly goes all kinds of wrong full of stress.

Flexible = Acceptance not Approval so you can Keep on Keepin' On

For instance, a typical work day for me is like playing the old Ateri game called asteroids. Choosing which project deadline is close needing me to knock this or that item out of the way or it can be like walking into a circus where the animals have been set free and you are constantly trying to catch the impossible. I will take a walk, focus on something else or try one of my meditative activities listed in the book.

If I let every little thing that could possible try to get on my nerves or into my mind bother me, I would be curled up in a ball in tears.

Keep looking up, don’t let people or misadventure define you or your happy!!!

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