Ready or Not - Here I Come!

Did you know you do not have to go on an exotic vacation to have an adventure?

Merriam Webster defines it several ways, one of which includes the "spirit of adventure". Whether you like taking risks that involve danger or a remarkable experience, this year I want you to just take that step.

I am, I have vowed to make this year "2019" my year of Mojo Adventures! Yes, that is what I am calling my year. Name it as you wish, make it yours but get out there set a goal for your year and schedule time to Just Be You. The You that takes a step further on your path toward living each day to its fullest.

My adventure plan took action on January 4, 2019. Was it a trip or adventure? Sure, it was both and that depends on your view. People may view their trip as a car ride in the country to a cruise in the Caribbean and adventure from walking across the street to sky diving. No view is any less than another just make it your own, set the goal and follow through your plan!

So many people have asked me how I stay so positive with all of the daily issues I have had and continue to deal with and how do I manage to carry on day by day with a smile on my face. I wrote a book to help answer the questions on my life outlook and the coping mechanisms that have helped and continue to carry me through. (click the picture of my book cover below for purchase links).

Now, I believe it is time to actually show you how I go about my daily life dealing with all of its many duties, heartaches, stress, burdens and plain ole what in the world just happened moments.

In January, I took my first step out of my own box and went to a local coffee shop and sat alone to write and just be. It happened to be across from where I worked as a teenager in my local town. Normally, I go out with a friend or family but this year I want to experience "Me". Yes, Just Be Me on some of my adventures to grow and to get the books I have been writing finalized and published. You will read about my hometown in one of my newest books to be released this year! I will share more on that in the coming months.

This is a jest of my January and continuation into February:

-went through all the feelings a mother and sister can go through as her daughter and her sister underwent major surgeries a few weeks apart, running the errands and chores to help them, watch them struggle and suffer from pain no one can take away

-caring for my granddaughter while her mother healed

-taking care of my disabled husbands needs

-working full time with double duties

-house chores

-pet care

-keeping up with friends in their time of need or just to say "I'm here"

-dealing with car issues

-death of a dear friend

-taking a fall that had resurrected an old injury in my back, trying to keep a lupus flare at bay from the fall

And the list continues on day by day.

Seems like a lot to handle doesn't it? That is minimal from what I have been through in this life. Along the way I have found coping mechanisms. All of which I will be using and sharing with you weekly from now to the end of the year. We all have trials and how we perceive them to be or how they affect us is different for all of us. My weekly updates are meant to motivate and make you laugh at this chaotic thing called life.

FOLLOW ME let me show you how I stay motivated and encouraged. It will be the living view of what my book tells you. I'll show you how I cope, deal, gripe and laugh at life. Life is short, oh so short. We are but a speckle in time for sure. Life, it is to be lived but so many people fall into just existing through daily trials.

COME TO LIFE find something you have been putting off, wanting to do or try (Now I am not recommending you try anything that will hurt you or others, that is on you if you do. Be sure to tread carefully but not fearfully on your journey). Get out there, out of the darkness and into a great year for YOU.

Keep on Keepin' On and Just Be You, the adventurous You!

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