Not Your Average Bartender

I know nothing about wine! I volunteered to pour wine for customers visiting the gallery where my book is on sale. It is a wonderful gallery in the quaint town of Elkton, Maryland where many visit on the first Friday of each month. There you will find works of art and books from local artisans and authors on display.

I decided to have fun with my job that evening. By now I am sure you know I know nothing about wine, but I have whined. It is called my SPF, self-pity factor. A time to just be, gripe, groan, kick and/or scream in order to deal with what life throws our way. My book "Life's a Beach, SPF 15 don't get burned out" is a life manual that provides you with many ways on how to have peace among this chaos called life.

I serve so I can heal. I decided to let the customers teach me about the wine I knew nothing

about and I would share my light hearted healing experience and knowledge with them.

Of course with a twist, I like to laugh (the picture says it all). I also listen, talk, share, give and serve. I’m not perfect but yet a perfect mess (insert LOL here).

Life can be a beach, one that you live on with all the junk and barnacles on the broken down boat that sailed you into the mess.

Or life can be a beach, one where you can relax and enjoy yourself no matter what rolls ashore. You find peace among the chaos no matter how high the tide or strong the storm.

The choice is yours, what will you choose?

Need help deciding or want to know how to find this peace, buy a copy of my book. It is a true-life manual that will help you find your way through life with techniques you can apply to your everyday. It will teach you to have peace among this chaos called life and keep on keepin' on!

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