5 Reasons to Leave

Are you ready to leave? What is your reason? I will give you 5 reasons I bet you did not think were possible when you read the title.

1. Life - it can be full of surprises for sure. It can be a journey to Wit's End. Now that is a town I like to avoid but sometimes you will be detoured to this lonely dark town by life so you will have to make a change. Change is not easy but it is necessary to grow.

2. Strength - I want to pump you up! Nope, that is the opposite. Sometimes our strength can become our weakness. We carry baggage from destination to destination and never unpack. You must let go of the inner baggage that is holding you down so you can find peace.

3. Self - Do not let yourself go! Take care of YOU; there is only one you.

4. Acceptance - One of the main keys to gaining strength and finding your true inner peace is acceptance. You do not have to approve but you must accept where you are in life to make a move toward happiness within. If you are not happy within, it will show no matter how hard you try to hide it. Your actions and words will lead the way.

5. Release - There are many forms of release to help you grow your inner peace and release the negative this life has dealt you. Find one that gives you the most release or combine several to meditate on. But most of all let it go!

Now do you really want to Leave or do you really want to Live? Ask yourself how you can apply these principles to your life to add quality in your relationships with others and yourself. Have peace among the chaos. Let go of the baggage called grief, stress, sickness, loss and anything that you may be carrying on your shoulders weighing you down holding you back from the best possible you that you can be.

Just Be YOU! Strive for the best, the best version of You each day.

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