Just Be You


Yes, I said seriously! People tend to take life too serious letting everything affect and control them. Don't sweat the small stuff, this is so true.

Really, where will that issue be with you in ten years from now? Most likely, it will be long gone. If it is something that will affect you, please deal with it or it will compound the situation making it worse (that is another blog).

This picture was of course, me. If I am invited to be in a dunk tank, I am going to go all out....outrageous that is! It made for many laughs and that is my life's mission. I love to laugh and make others laugh. It works wonders for your soul and mind!

So what have you done to let your funny bone giggle lately? I challenge you to get out there and LIVE! I understand there are places and times for everything. I would not suggest showing up for work like this, that's all I am saying here.

Balance your time and find things to make you laugh. I laugh at myself a lot no matter where I am. What I am saying, there is always something to laugh at (no I do not mean being unkind to anyone or anything), I mean if you are feeling negative, step outside your bum box and get your giggle on!

As always my friends, keep on keepin' on and Just Be You!

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