Wearing Your Hard Hat Today?

Do you ever wish you could wear a hard hat some days and let things that come at you bounce off easily?

I was recently in a skit and my character was always nervous and afraid of everything. Just like in the skit, when something comes at us all at once and we are afraid of the unknown. We wonder what is next and we tend to freak out. We freeze losing our words, get intimidated or run from it. Now that hard hat would come in handy if it could protect you from everyday moments.

Unfortunately, a hard hat cannot protect you mentally. Dark times, hard times, sad times, and not so fun times are going to happen. It is inevitable. But you have to buckle up buttercup! I do not mean that in a negative way.

No, you may not know all the odds that will stack against you but you can be prepared mentally for the challenge. Let me tell you, I have had major odds against me in multiple directions from dealing with doctors, my child's school needs, care giving for a bedridden father, job stress and my own challenges with Lupus all at once. Demanding to say the least on my mind, body and soul! I want to encourage you. If I can pull through it with a smile, I am here to say you surely can. Put on your mental hard hat!

I love when people say you can’t do this or that, you know the ones I am talking about the bummers. The I don’t do that so why should you, you know who those people are in our lives. The ones that can't seem to put on their happy pants and roll up their sleeves. Yes, they are always wanting to make your world conform to their enclosed thinking.

I am here to tell you, you have to think outside the bum box! Now get your minds out of any gutters they just went to. Bum short for bummer or downer. The person that strives to make everyone around them "Negative Nelly's" so they can control your feelings. Think about this, a happy person In a room full of bummers, will look like the bummer. They always seem to have a way to turn the tide when they get together pulling you in.

Well, don’t let yourself get surrounded by bummers. We should be lifting each other up not tearing one another down. There is enough in this chaos called life that can twist our mindset negatively without purposely putting yourself in the situation to be negative.

Sounds easy but some people have a life mission to tear down any and every soul in their path so don’t feel you can possibly lift everyone you come across. Just do your best, reflect outward the good side of yourself always.

For instance, if someone is down on their luck try to lift them up. If they seem to be life suckers, meaning always down bummer types and never trying you may want to distance yourself but first try to lift them up. This does not mean you have to give them physical items or money. If they are doing something that bothers you, let them know. You can be honest and caring at the same time. If they care about you and value your assistance they will listen.

Now sometimes we are quick to judge others on what we don’t know, be careful here. Cautious but careful. Look at yourself before you start dishing on others, are you perfect? No one is! We all fall short and need a lift now and then.

So get out there, put your mental hard hat on! Do good, be good and don't let things get you down. Remember, keep on keeping on and Just Be You!

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