Droplets - A Moment In Time

Little did I know when I was in middle school and Mr. Harris would always say we are just a moment in time just how true that really was. As a teenager you are full of life and the word end is not in your vocabulary. A free spirit enjoying life.

Through the years, I have trod many roads and I think I have kept that spirit. I have also learned that Mr. Harris was exactly correct! We are all here for a short while and every moment counts. It counts toward making us who we have become and leading us to fulfill our purpose.

I have learned to stop and smell the roses. A student co-worker and friend used to walk with me daily. She had a whimsical way about her and she seemed to notice the little things that I had seemed to forget to enjoy over time.

As we walked, she would pick up leaves and notice every little line, perfection, flaw and color. No leaf or stone was left unturned by her! I feel we meet people along our path in life that help us along at the moment in time we need them to help us get where we are going. She doesn't know this but she helped me along some difficult paths and taught me to stop and smell the roses that I had allowed circumstances to blur out of sight.

The little things that we take for granted are really the big things in the end. We tend to worry about too much that we cannot change and end up only changing ourselves in a negative way. What you see is not always what you get. Our worry is mostly just that, ours. Most of the time we think too much on a situation leading to the what if syndrome making it seem much worse than it really is.

There is beauty in every day. I am talking about our physical surroundings as well as our mental being. If you let situations control your thoughts, they will also take control of your well being. Remind yourself that you cannot control others actions or words. Don't let anyone put you down or make you feel like you do not matter. We are all human, in that we make mistakes, say things we don't mean, can be mean for no reason, tend to hurt the ones we love the most and the list goes on.

Monitor what you let in and always think positive about yourself. If you have a bad day, accept it and make tomorrow a better day. Always remember, sharing love and kindness generously and forgiving often are keys to staying positive and happy in this thing called life. All days are good days if you choose, I have been through the effects of letting the negativity of others affect me and I have learned from it.

Always look at your situation and really see what you can pull out as a lesson learned to better yourself or others.

The picture above was taken in the rain, capturing each droplet on the petals. I could have just went to my indoor safe haven but I would have missed out on such a beautiful moment. Each little droplet is a moment in time, a piece of existence that most look at negatively because we call it rain.

Take a look at yourself, what are you calling rain in your life that may be causing you to run from a situation, place or thought. If you stop and jump in the puddles or dance in the rain, you may realize it is not so bad after all. Life should be lived fully one little droplet at a time in this wonderful but short moment in time we live.

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