Joyfully Barefoot and Rollin in the Dough

I invited my 4-year-old grand daughter to make a pie, an apple pie from scratch.

She delighted in the idea. I asked her if she wanted to wear my apron and she proudly replied, "Yes, granny, please". She then said, "I need a chef's hat".

What she did appeared something so precious, she not only accepted my invitation to participate but she invited her self esteem full speed ahead no holds barred.

My son is training to be a Chef so I borrowed his hat. She gladly with a very big smile accepted it. Graciously asking as I showed it to her "will you please help me put it on granny?”

She had no hesitation with it being a different color than the apron; she owned that chef attire and chef title!

I would explain each step along the way toward the finished project. She proudly measured and poured the ingredients, assisted with the blending machine to mix the dough (of course with much caution from granny to keep her precious self safe).

Yes, no child was harmed in the making of this pie. A child but yet was encouraged to be herself, using her imagination to be whatever she dreams to choose for her future. Living in the moment sharing her joyful presence in all aspects of making something as simple as a pie. Laughing and singing along the way. No judgment or feelings of doubt as she "like a boss" owned it as Chef Kayleigh Barefoot and Rollin the Dough, literally!

Yes, she sang a song she made up along the way not knowing from the start how it would end or where it would take her. She led fearlessly trusting in herself. No holds barred, she didn't look out for acceptance, she pulled it in (we were pulled in) as we watched her manifest this awesome creative talent and proudly call herself "Chef Kayleigh!" And let me tell you, she rocked it!

If we could all look through eyes and inner souls as a child, as Kayleigh does each day. Accepting who we are, where we are but yet aspiring to be where our hearts take us even if it's just for a moment sometimes. Just be you, it is natural and you own it! There is no other you, how special is that when you think about it?

The pie was ready to go into the oven and she waited patiently for the time to pass to completion. Not once did she ask early "is it done yet". She knew she had to wait for the buzzer to sound. She went along and found another project to be herself in while waiting.

How awesome is that? This 4 year old owned her self esteem, knew that what she was building upon (the pie creation) would take time and didn't just sit and wait for that one thing to complete her day. She let her inner self bring about another possibility of a new creation while she held fast for the current to finish.

Time, sometimes it takes time to get to where you are going but that doesn't mean you have to hit a brick wall and stop. You have to keep on keeping on and just be you. All the rest will fall into place if you work hard and steadfast not letting present circumstances hold you back.

Kayleigh sure didn’t, she kept that spirit and went on to try out an animal training career. Yes, now we have a fetching cat!

Stay true to yourself my friends! Keep on keeping on and Just Be You.

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