Yes, I am Plain Jane and Happy

It took me a very long time to grow into me. Always chasing what I should be like or what I should do. Never looking inside only outside.

That never led to a really truly happy me. The content kind of happy. I'm not saying I was a follower because I'm a leader but even leaders look for things to better themselves. I was looking in the wrong places to better myself.

Deep within I didn't feel content, I was trying to lead through only those things within eyesight instead of my soul. Little did I know at the time, I had all the contentment I needed.

Through heartbreaking trials and questioning myself when things didn't seem to go as planned, I learned I needed to Just Be Me! We are each unique, no that is not weird or quirky. It is very special, one of a kind. Once I found that I could just be me, I became awesome.

No, not self centered, I just found an awesome place inside that let the true me shine. My daily life was easier to handle, my tasks became less of a load and people actually enjoy me for me.

It is such a release to Just Be Yourself. Of course I have to subdue my ornery for meetings and professional gatherings (for the most part) but even there, I am still me.

Keep on keepin' on and go ahead, Just Be You!

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