Just Breathe

When you find yourself overwhelmed, just breathe.

Stop look out a window, take a slow walk, savor your favorite drink slowly, hug someone or do something for someone. Look around, there are many people worse off than yourself. It seems like when I feel pity for myself I run into others that are in much worse of a situation than me. For instance, I get terrible joint aches when I walk and I was grocery shopping. As I was whining silently to myself in pain, I was also thinking of how painful it was going to be to get through the rest of the store. In the same isle just as I had that thought, two different people out of the blue discussed their troubles with me. One person had two very special people pass within a week and a grand baby due to get heart surgery the next day. All of this was a week before Christmas. We all know what pressures we can have at that time of year let alone what this woman was going through. Another person in the same isle stopped me to say she had been fine then had a sudden cardiac arrest, it took 45 minutes to bring her back to life. She now has Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) from the event and is wondering why the emergency personnel saved her. She proceeded to tell me how she struggles daily. She had to have a defibrillator implanted to regulate her heartbeat. She is in constant pain inside and out. She didn't have an out of body experience. She seemed exhausted and lonely in her battle.

How in the world could I complain? The journey I had left to go in that store seemed much easier after I spoke to these ladies. Maybe they just needed someone that would listen and I happened to be there at the time they felt the need. Maybe I needed something and they happend to cross my path for that reason.

We all have hurt and pain in mental, physical and emotional forms. It's how we perceive them that can change the situation, how we believe they will affect us. By no means am I saying these ladies shouldn't be hurting. I'm just saying we are all dealing with something, don't be hard on yourself but don't be too easy either. Self pity is only good if you give it to yourself but let it go so you can move forward toward being the best you can be.

What I learned that day was even though I wasn't complaining out loud I was inside and it was affecting my strength and mindset toward my pain. We have control over our mind and bodies more than we think. It may not take away the pain or issue but we can control our emotions and not let it take over our day.

Keep on keeping on! and remember, Just Be You 😀

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