Don't Judge Me By My Shoes

Don't judge me by my shoes.

I understand it's good to look well kept but I come from not having much growing up and I tend to wear things until they are worn out. I guess it is in my soul and sometimes I do not realize how old the items appear. I tend to be a giver not a giver to myself. I love wearing my comfy broke in items, mismatch socks, and leading my own race.

If you Judge someone by their shoes, you may be missing out! Like they say "don't judge a book by its cover", the same goes here. Gold had to be unearthed so why judge before you get to know someone on the inside. You could be missing out on so much.

I like to make people smile. I always say if I can do something to make you smile and it's no harm, my mission is accomplished! What others do may not always make you smile but one must remember, others are not in control of your happy, you are. That is so freeing. I am not saying you will never have a bad day or get emotional but you should not dwell in it long enough to allow it take control of you.

Keep on keeping on! and remember, Just Be You 😀

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