Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness?  An illness or condition that is silent to everyone around you but you hear it loud and clear?  Do you have people saying "You Don't Look Sick" or "it's all in your head"?  Sounds all too familiar doesn't it?...

Have you ever had a day where you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed?  Everything just went wrong.  You felt like even the clock was racing you?


You are on your own last nerve and everything else is playing it like a violin trying to break you?





When you find yourself overwhelmed, just breathe.  

Stop look out a window, take a slow walk, savor your favorite drink slowly, hug someone or do something for someone.  Look around, there are many people worse off than yourself.  It seems like when I feel pity f...

Don't judge me by my shoes.

I understand it's good to look well kept but I come from not having much growing up and I tend to wear things until they are worn out.  I guess it is in my soul and sometimes I do not realize how old the items appear.   I tend to be a giver n...

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