Shades of Dark Park !!

So I was sitting at the park and sign says "closed after dark". Hmmm well the rule follower I am, I decided it was getting dark I'd better head out. But wait people are all over and still coming in. Oh well, I'm going to head out.... Only to realize on my drive out, wait for it......... I still had my dark sunglasses on ... 😎 lol hey I laugh when a laugh is called for.... Even at myself. Keep on keeping on people

Boom Diggy !!

When my daughter was a teenager, I called her music Boom Diggy.  I actually have a song for it (that will be another day). 

So Boom Diggy to me is the music that goes along with the huge speaker systems in cars/trucks and well, makes your vehicle sound like Boom Diggy vibrating every panel of your car and mine next to you (lol).

Ok, you get the point right.  Well, my LOL...I was sitting at a red light and heard the Boom Diggy music.  It was rocking my car. So I turned up my music but wait I could still hear it and feel it (lol).   I  was looking at all the younger generation around me in thier cars (you know the granny stare ready to chase you with my purse look) trying to pick where it was coming from.  Well, I thougt I found it in the turn lane.  Yep, that was it.  Boom Diggy!!

The light turned green, that car went so I thought the Boom Diggy would be gone too but nope it was still there.  I look around only to realize.....ready for this, it was my car, my daughter had changed my speaker settings to rock my world.  I was the Boom Diggy!

From that day forward, I have never gotten any sort of irritated with those cars, I smile.  You know why, we seem to be a finger pointing society (I was too), but we have to remember while we are pointing fingers, we are doing the same thing at times.  No one is perfect at all, life is short and laugh at yourself.

So rock that Boom Diggy and remember to keep on keeping on and just be you!