I learned the hard way that my weakness is my strength.  My Father had become bedridden from a massive stroke unable to speak or care for himself.  In an instant I had to learn how to be a caregiver of my parent.  But this is not how it is supposed to be right?  This  is a growing concern for many, how will I care for my aging parents and how will I handle the unexpected.  These are legitimate questions for sure but I had no time to think, I had to process quickly and learn how to change, roll, bathe, put a harness on him and lift him with a special lift to a chair and administer medicine via a gastric tube and needle.  Wow, to say the least it was not easy but I did it.  My brother and sister were a huge help in this process eventually allowing me to step away when I became chronically ill with Lupus and dealing with a chronic ill child as well.   It took illness to know that my strength in holding on to care for him with my all, really was my weakness as I had to deal with a chronic ill child, 2 jobs and college courses at the same time.  My Father lived for 14 years bedridden under our care.  He passed in 2013.

Check out the resources here and please contact me, I am her for you in your journey.  I have been there, I want to be there for you.  Keep smiling.