Life's a Beach


Don't get burned out!  This book will share with you how to have

peace among the chaos of this thing called life.  SPF 15 will allow you 

time to adjust, realign and move on.  Maggie leads you on a journey, 

teaches you how to apply your SPF 15 and keep on keepin on.  Your day to day will never be the same and you will find out how to Just Be You.  

Sit back, find a quiet place and enjoy this life changing experience as

you read Life's a Beach (SPF 15 - Don't Get Burned Out).

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Thank you!

Fern Says:  You always have told me to be my self. It doesn't matter if your a "plain Jane ", everyone has something about them that no one else has. You have always encouraged me to be my goofy self no matter who's watching. You have also always taught me that no matter where you came from don't ever be ashamed because that's what makes you. You lift me up and encourage me when I need it the most. You make me realize that no matter what the circumstances are you will always get through it . Mostly you have encouraged me to laugh it off life is too short.

Jodi Says:  You inspire me everyday just by being your happy bubbly self no matter what, bad day, sad day, or mad day doesn’t matter you still keep your head up and smile!!!


Kristen Says:  You've inspired me through decades with your tireless motivation and determination. You have always known what you wanted to do in life, since elementary school and you stayed on course to get there. Your drive and determination to make your dreams come true is very inspiring!! Also, your outlook on life and life's events can turn any frown upside down.


Cindy Says:  What can I say? You pretending to be the cruise lady calling me Cynthia. When you made me flat Cindy because I couldn't go to Florida with you and Teresa. You are the best bringing a smile to anyone's face


Rebecca Says:  At work you were always smiling and no one knew what you were going through because of your positive attitude. I think you were inoculated at Birth from negativity you don't have a negative bone in your body. I love the way you've never lost your faith in God and you never complain.


Courtney Says:  You're positivity and love of fun is contagious. Knowing you're so positive even through tough times encourages others to be more positive too.

Laila Says:  You're a True blessing and a Angel to me. I pray that the Lord blesses you in a very special and wonderful way. Everyone who knows you are so lucky to have You in there life. I know I sure am.

Things They Say.....