I'm ornery!  If it makes you smile and it is not hurting anyone, I have achieved my mission.  Life is short, enjoy everyday.  

There is a positive side to everything if you seek it.  Good days and bad days are all a part of our purpose in life.  


I have lived on the East Coast United States all of my life.  Beach, mountains and outdoors are my favorite places to be.   These places are better if spent in them with friends and family.   Of course, I am a believer of alone time too to refresh and regenerate.


Life has thrown me some curve balls, well a lot of curve balls but I cannot complain.  The lessons and growth I have gained are priceless.  


Follow me and I will help you have peace among this chaos called life.   We are all dealing with something and my mission is to help you find ways to cope as you travel on your journey through life.

Keep on keepin on and Just Be You my friends!