Although I have never experienced drug or alcohol addiction personally, I have watched it tear apart many families I know.  By tear apart, I do not neccesarily mean pull people apart but it pulls their life apart.  All members of a family feel the effects of these addictions. 

What makes a person take that first dose of drugs to get that high?  Why does a person drown their sorrows in alcohol?

Our society is plagued with addicitons and addiction can make a good person seem like a demon as they become zombified in thier world in search of the  next high.  A high that is harder and harder to reach.  A lot of people are overdosing trying to reach this point.   Addiction will cause a person to do whatever it takes to get their high.  They will hide their habbit, lie, steal and all of this usually happens with family and friends left scratching their head.  Hurting the ones they love most.

Please stop back to this page if this is you or a loved one for helpful resourses.

May God Bless You and Your Family through this tough time.